5 Crystals Every Wellness Entrepreneur Should Know

Thank you WELL Insiders for publishing our blog post on crystals for wellness entrepreneurs.

If you’re a wellness entrepreneur, you’re probably trying to balance spending your time, heart and soul on your business baby with going to bed before 1 a.m. and actually practicing what you preach. We feel you. There are some really solid tools we use that are available in the crystal queendom to help you out with those exciting highs or tough lows so you can do your thing and thrive like you were born to. Here are some popular and a couple less talked about crystals to rock out with on your wellness entrepreneur journey.

Keep reading to learn more about the crystals every entrepreneur should know about.

Image courtesy of Crystal Criminals.

1. Amethyst: Chill AF

You all know amethyst but you might not know it like this. Amethyst is our go-to for just about anything. It is like the crystal version of a glass of water, a cure-all of sorts. We use amethyst for transforming our worry and agita into peace and calm. It reliably chills us out and brings us from fight or flight to a steady heartbeat.


2. Clear Quartz: Amplify Your Impact

Whether you’re in a brainstorming sesh or on your success highs, there is no better crystal to get in your hands to amplify those positive frequencies and energetically spread your message than clear quartz. When you hold your vision for what you are truly creating in your mind’s eye, you can literally hold a piece of clear quartz (best if its terminated or in a ball shape). Place that vision in the programming of that crystal to keep sending out the energy into the world. This will help you manifest what you desire for your business and amplify the impact you want to create in the world.


3. Selenite: Think Big

This crystal is physically a soft and fragile one, but it brings the light like no other! It’s so clearing, opening and uplifting. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get into scarcity mode or start thinking small. Selenite is a crystal that is sure to expand your horizons of what you see beyond your momentary view. It achieves this by clearing and releasing the energetic elements that constrict what’s truly possible. It’s ALL OVER our home office, and we’re planning to take it to the next level by lining our getaway house walls with this amazing crystallized form of gypsum!


4. Labradorite: Remember Your Unique Gifts

Talk about shiny! Showing flashes of brilliant rainbow colors, labradorite is a stone that when viewed at the right angle will shock and amaze you. No wonder that it has been used throughout the ages as a stone for protection and cultivating inner magic. No Labradorite has the same colors or brilliance as the next. Just like you.

Labradorite reminds you of the unique gift that you have to give to the world that no one else can. Turn to this crystal when you need a reminder of your personal power and potential, protecting you from outside views and opinions that don’t serve you.

5. Malachite: Align Your Mind with Your Heart

This stone is a trip. Its beautiful green swirls mesmerize you and when you hold it in your hand, it has the ability to help you get in touch with your power and confidence. Malachite is a stone that works on the heart chakra, getting your heart in sync with your goals. It’s a stone that has forever been associated with wealth, power and success. We find that it brings a balancing confidence and warmth when you hold it. When on a malachite kick, we may or may not hold it all day long, rubbing our hand across its polished surface for ongoing empowerment.