How To Pick, Clear and Program Crystals

Crystal Criminals Faden Quartz

Everybody is talking about crystals… and you know you love them! They are beautiful and shiny, plus they’re rich in healing and energetic properties. The question is this: how do you go from seeing them on Instagram and knowing they can help you to experience them and their positive benefits IRL?

Crystals are ancient! Over eons, each and every crystal develops their own “personality” growing in the earth. No two crystals, even from the same mine are the same! There is no better or worse with crystals. Each has their own unique “medicine.”


It is because of the uniqueness of each crystal that it’s important to choose your crystals by looking not at just the type of crystal, but by the individual crystal itself. You wouldn’t just say you wanted matcha latte and then be ok with any old green tea in a 20-mile radius. Don’t think too much… use your intuition!

Look at couple of different crystals and you’ll be drawn to one naturally. That’s the one! This works whether you are buying in-person, online, or even letting a friend choose for you. If you’re not clear on which one to pick, take three deep breaths and focus your energy on your heart center or another area representing where you would like healing. Hold that crystal in your hand or your mind’s eye and feel if the answer is a solid YES! If it isn’t, it’s a no.


People talk a lot about clearing crystals. Some schools of thought say crystals need no clearing while others are adamant about constant clearing. As an artist, I prefer to start my work from a blank canvas. So when I get a crystal, I clear it of any energetic debris that could impact my intentions for future use. We have a bajillion crystals in the house so it’s important we aren’t introducing and amplifying any unintentional energies! All objects pick up energy from their surroundings perpetually. Think about clearing as less of getting rid of the perception of “negative energy,” and more about attuning it to how you will work it to carry out your desired intention! 


Clearing and programming go hand in hand. The moment you hold a crystal, you are “working with it” because it is impacting you. The easiest and most powerful crystal clearing and programming technique I have learned is to lay your crystal on any surface that is not your body.

  1. Center yourself with a couple of deep breaths and place your right hand above the crystal.

  2. Feel its energy field and how far it goes out by moving your hand closer and farther away.

  3. Once you have felt its outer ring of “magnetism”, swiftly move your hand to the space right above the crystal and wipe the air clear like you would erase a message written in the sand.

  4. Hover your right hand back over the crystal and notice the difference.

  5. Now hold your hand palm up above the crystal and create a ball of intention and programming for how you would like to have the crystal work for you. You’re now in a co-creative partnership! Turn your palm over and place that ball of intention into the crystal with love and you've got yourself a programmed crystal!