Special Fairy Stone Sets A+ Quality
Special Fairy Stone Sets A+ Quality

Special Fairy Stone Sets A+ Quality

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We bought over 75 lbs of the best fairy stones directly from a kind, adventurous French Canadian miner who personally mined each one of these stones himself.

After that, we sorted through them all to choose the best of the best so that you can experience the unique magic that these fairy stones bring.

We will intuitively pick your fairy stones before sending them out! 

For reference, the fairy stones you see in the crystal grid image in this listing are between small and medium.

Small fairy stone: ~2 inches

Medium fairy stone: ~4 inches

Large fairy stone: ~6-11 inches

About Fairy Stones:

Fairy stones represent the Earth element and have calming, grounding energy. They can help you establish connection with creatures from the natural realm. According to the Native people living in the far north of Quebec (where these stones come from) these stones bring love, health, prosperity and good luck.

These unique and very rare stones are carved by nature and collected by someone we personally trust. The stones we offer we were hand-selected with love from thousands of stones.

Get it for your altar, use it as a talisman, or give as a good luck gifts to beloved and friends.

See videos of these on @crystalcriminals story highlights.