Ceremonial Crystal Tea Cup
Ceremonial Crystal Tea Cup

Ceremonial Crystal Tea Cup

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This ceremonial cup is designed to balance masculine and feminine energies within.

It is both protective, confidence boosting and energizing from it's pyrite and has a calming feminine intuitive wisdom energy that stems from the grape botryoidal chalcedony. The double terminated clear quartz circled all around serves as an intention holder/amplifier/manifestor bringing it all together to charge and balance your beverage of choice.

The cup has a lovely pearlescent sheen and holds approximately 4.5 oz

Each crystal cup is made to order and will look slightly different as it is handmade.


pyrite, grape chalcedony, and double terminated clear quartz.

About Crystal Mugs:

We find that special rituals and ceremonies for “everyday moments” drastically elevate quality and power in our lives!

We drink water, coffee, cacao, tea, lattes and smoothies all day every day.

Supercharging these beverages with beauty, intention and healing crystals makes it easy to remember how each moment can be elevated with intention and beauty!


Hand wash only