Grape Botryoidal Agate Crystal Cup
Grape Botryoidal Agate Crystal Cup

Keep Calm Carry On Ceremonial Crystal Cup

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This grape agate and "black gold" cup gives a calming effect that says, “keep calm and carry on.” It softly reminds you to keep following your goals and dreams and passions because they are real and you deserve it.

It has a little pyrite crystal embedded at the bottom.

About Crystal Mugs:

We find that special rituals and ceremonies for “everyday moments” drastically elevate quality and power in our lives!

We drink water, coffee, cacao, tea, lattes and smoothies all day every day.

Supercharging these beverages with beauty, intention and healing crystals makes it easy to remember how each moment can be elevated with intention and beauty!


 ~4 oz ceramic cup


Hand wash only