Crystal Air Plant Holder
Crystal Air Planters
Gift Set of 3 Crystal Air Plant Clear Quartz Planters
Gift Set of 3 Crystal Air Plant Clear Quartz Planters
Gift Set of 3 Crystal Air Plant Clear Quartz Planters

Gift Set of 3 Crystal Air Plant Clear Quartz Planters

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Included here are 3 (three) handmade crystal air planters (each with air plant). They feature a white or black bowl with your choice metallic color accent and high quality natural clear quartz crystals as "legs" to amplify the lifeforce of your air plant (Tillandsia) or anything else you wish to place in the bowl. Many people use it for jewelry!

Crystal air planters were born from our discovery that a crystal and or crystal grids were able to bring some of our less healthy plants back to life! After falling in love with air plants it was a natural creation to nourish, revitalize and elevate these air plants with the power of crystals!

Crystal air planters make an excellent gift for the holidays and other occasions. They are wonderful centerpieces for a table, desk, altar, or general housewarming love.

About Air Plants:

Air plants are amazing, interesting and they grow without any soil and very little care (you can leave them alone for over a week without worrying). They can last for many years and produce offspring when taken care of well. They do well in 50-90F degree temperature ranges. 

About Crystals:

Clear quartz crystals are the best energy amplifiers and manifestation tools. The crystals here will not only increase the lifeforce of your plant but provide intentional energy to any other items you would like to use it to hold. They will also positively impact any energy in the vicinity!


You will receive a crystal planter that is approximately 2-3.5" tall and 2" wide. Each air planter is a little different because they are all handmade. Your order will come with a specifically paired air plant similar to the ones in the photos.


If you are located in an area with freezing temperatures please upgrade your shipping option to faster paid option and request a heat pack so your air plant will survive! We can only guarantee that we are sending an alive and well air plant, but can't promise what shipping will hold in store for your weather conditions!

Please email us for wholesale orders.