Crystal Consultation with Eric
Crystal Consultation with Eric

Crystal Consultation with Eric

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What Are You Manifesting in Your Life?

Self-love? Peace? Prosperity? A dream relationship?

Every always wants to know: which crystals will serve what I am creating?

Crystals are a powerful tool in helping you crystallize and bring your intentions to life. In this consultation, I will channel and provide guidance for your choices on which crystals to work with and how to effectively work with them.

Having studied energy medicine and worked in the personal development field for 10+ years, I’m here to help you develop crystals as your powerful ally and utilize them to achieve what you want in life...

How Will The Consultation Work?

I will listen closely to your vision, what you need support with and help you curate crystals and crystal rituals that fit into your lifestyle. As a former phone salesperson who used crystals both to enhance communication and win interesting contests, I now get to help people to live more intuitive and connected lives through online content, in-person workshops and crystal art.  My personal fulfillment is in helping you take your relationship with sacred objects – and your life – to the next level.

What Work Will We Focus On?

In your Crystal Consultation, you will not only discover what is most important to you and what you would like to create in your life but also get practical tools and tips on applying crystals to see immediate results.

We can explore a number of different avenues such as crystal gridding, crystal guided meditations, and custom exercises designed to help you cultivate your own crystal practice and intuition.

I’ll guide you through crystal meditation and crystal journeying to create a safe space for you to go deeper into what crystals have to offer for your personal and spiritual advancement.

In addition to everything mentioned so far - our time will be really fun and exciting!

Once you complete your order I will send you a link to book an available time!