Labradorite Crystal Mug 1
Labradorite Crystal Mug 1
Labradorite Crystal Mug 1

Labradorite Crystal Mug 1

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This Crystal Mug has a subtle texture and beautiful iridescent rainbow gold sheen to it in addition to the amazing quality flash labradorite surrounded by 8 double terminated quartz crystals. 

It's hard to take your hands off of this thing once you get a hold of it's magic!

About Labradorite...


Labradorite has an amazing "flash" to it which is literally and legitly called Labradorescence. It is in the feldspar family, just like its cousins moonstone, spectralite, sunstone and larvikite.

Has been used over the centuries as a stone of protection and magic. If you look at it, it’s not hard to see why!

All of them! Particularly those chakras that are correlated with the many potential colors of the "flash."

Use it for: 
Labradorite is an excellent stone to explore and connect with one's own unique magic. It provides the auric protection to go deep into your own "universe of magic" and bring it into your everyday life.

Labradorite helps you to see beyond situations in which you feel stuck. Its Labradorescence is only visible from certain angles. Without the right angle or perspective it appears dark and grey, but if you hold it to the light just right it can help you see the brilliance and shine if you are willing to sit with it and a new perspective that will surprise you! 

It's safe for my unique brilliance and magic to shine in this world right now.

Works in conjunction with:
Clear quartz, moonstone and other protective stones.It also has a hidden crystal grid on the bottom of the mug!


Care Instructions: 

Hand-wash in warm water.