Black Onyx and Herkimer Diamond Crystal Mug
Black Onyx and Herkimer Diamond Mug
Lucid Dreaming Crystal Mug

Lucid Dreaming Crystal Mug

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This black onyx and herkimer diamond mug is... powerful city. When you hold it in your hand you just feel like, “life - bring it on! Let’s do this!” It has an awesome gold iridescent sheen into which each of the 6 clear quartz herkimers "diamonds" are set.

This mug utilizes sacred geometry to amplify and multiply any thought, intention or dream you have.

Herkimer Diamonds are considered one of the highest vibe stones on the planet and are famous for activating your higher level consciousness, lucid dreaming, connection with the astral plane and more.

It contains a beautiful sacred geometry crystal grid at the bottom.

About Crystal Mugs:

We find that special rituals and ceremonies for “everyday moments” drastically elevate quality and power in our lives!

We drink water, coffee, cacao, tea, lattes and smoothies all day every day.

Supercharging these beverages with beauty, intention and healing crystals makes it easy to remember how each moment can be elevated with intention and beauty!


 16 oz ceramic barista mug


Hand wash only