Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond Crystal Mug
Crystal Criminals Crystal Mug

Moldavite Magic Crystal Mug

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If you know even a little bit about moldavite you know that it’s gonna "do work" and spiritually transform you. And fast, yes, literally in a blink.

If this mug’s powers were a liquor it would be Bacardi 151 proof. If you are new to Moldavite it’s not your everyday casual sipping mug. But if you are a Moldavite maniac this mug is screaming your name!

Nothing comes close to amplifying the power of moldavite like Herkimer diamonds. Their sacred geometry synergy is perfect. We know you’ll love it!

Features a beautiful sacred geometry moldavite crystal grid on the bottom below!

About Crystal Mugs:

We find that special rituals and ceremonies for “everyday moments” drastically elevate quality and power in our lives!

We drink water, coffee, cacao, tea, lattes and smoothies all day every day.

Supercharging these beverages with beauty, intention and healing crystals makes it easy to remember how each moment can be elevated with intention and beauty!


 16 oz ceramic barista mug


Hand wash only