Upcycled Crystal Glass Water Jar
Upcycled Crystal Glass Water Jar
Upcycled Crystal Glass Water Jar

Upcycled Crystal Glass Water Jar

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How many sexy water bottles, mugs, vacuum stainless steel water bottles, beautiful glass jars, and other amazing drinking vessels do you have in your home that you NEVER use and you tell yourself you “should” throw them out, but just can’t bring yourself to do it for one reason or another? That was us until recently!

Ironically, in the highly just and necessary campaign for eliminating single-use drinking cups and bottles, we are hoarding, wasting and stockpiling all sorts of perfectly awesome vessels that don’t have that same sparkle as when we just bought them or took them home as gifts!

Crystal Criminals has your solution! Send us your best unused (or really clean) water bottles/mugs/jars for us to crystallize them! Transform your maybes into a HELL YES!

  1. “Power and Protection” featuring:  pyrite, black tourmaline, and clear quartz
  2. “Highest Vibes Ever” featuring: moldavite, clear quartz, and grape botryoidal agate
  3. “Manifest This!” featuring clear quartz, pyrite and citrine

Each crystal cup is made to order and will look slightly different as it is handmade.

About Crystal Mugs:

We find that special rituals and ceremonies for “everyday moments” drastically elevate quality and power in our lives!

We drink water, coffee, cacao, tea, lattes and smoothies all day every day.

Supercharging these beverages with beauty, intention and healing crystals makes it easy to remember how each moment can be elevated with intention and beauty!


Hand wash only